I greatly enjoy painting across genres and mediums, formats and sizes, not confining myself to any one style or fashion, but expressing my views of our world in whatever seems best at the time. Below are some examples of my work: Landscapes/Waterscapes; Abstracts/Semi-abstracts; Architecture/Cityscapes; Still Life; Montages; Collages/Mixed Media; People; Nature; Birds; and Miniatures.

My Paintings

(a selection)

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Brindabellas from Urambi Hills - Small, watercolour

Wetlands in Winter (Narrabundah) - Mid-sized, acrylic

The Barn - Large, acrylic

A Shared Moment, Kingston Foreshore - Small, watercolour

Wave-cut Platform - Mid-sized, watercolour

Eden Harbour - Large, acrylic

Billabong - Large, watercolour

Canberra Skyline with Kayaker - Mid-sized, acrylic

Eye of the Storm - Mid-sized, acrylic

Dark Knight in the Sky - Large, acrylic

First Connections II - Large, acrylic

Netting - Mid-sized, acrylic

Ebb and Flow - Mid-sized, acrylic

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Feathers, Owl - Small, acrylic

Fusion I - Small, mixed media

Watermarks in Tangerine - Mid-sized, acrylic

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Shine Dome and Nishi Building, Canberra - Large, acrylic

Bridge of Sighs - Large, watercolour

Domes and Minnarets - Large, watercolour

Town Square in Paris - Mid-sized, watercolour

Facade, The Rocks, Sydney - Large, acrylic

Market Place, Mainz, Germany - Mid-sized, watercolour

Leeds Castle, Kent, England - Mid-sized, pastel

Woolloomooloo Homes - Small, acrylic

Still Life
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Pot Calling the Kettle Red - Mid-sized, acrylic

Opulence - Mid-sized, oil

All is Vanity - Large, oil

Eggs for Breakfast - Small, oil

Experimental Cocktails - Small, watercolour

Teapot, Brass and Silk - Large, watercolour

Apples, Pear and Plums - Mid-sized, acrylic

Contemplation - Mid-sized, acrylic

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City and Country, China - Large, watercolour

Guiding Lights - Mid-sized, watercolour

Religious Icons - Large, watercolour

Cityscape - Mid-sized, gouache

Hawaiian B&B Stay - Large, acrylic

Life and Death - Large, watercolour

Cosmic Dream - Small, acrylic

Musical Reflections - Large, acrylic

Collages/Mixed Media
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Japanese Journey - Large, mixed media

Dancing Duo - Mid-sized, mixed media

Lilies and Music - Large, mixed media

Boats and Birds - Mid-sized, mixed media

Autumn Splendour - Mid-sized, mixed media

Fantasy Landscape - Mid-sized, mixed media

Arabian Dream - Mid-sized, mixed media

Flamingo Fantasy - Large, mixed media

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Window Shoppers - Mid-sized, acrylic

Night at the Capitol Theatre, Sydney - Large, watercolour

Feeding the Chooks - Small, watercolour

Lamma Island Stall, Hong Kong - Mid-sized,watercolour

Baristas - Mid-sized, watercolour

Men at Work - Large, acrylic

Near St Mark's Square, Venice - Mid-sized, watercolour

Harbour at Dusk - Small, watercolour

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Fur Seals and Black Cormorants (Montague Is) - Large, oil

Emus at Tidbinbilla - Large, acrylic

Pond Life - Mid-sized, watercolour

Tropical Mangroves - Mid-sized, acrylic

Tracery - Large, acrylic

Yellow-footed Rock Wallabies, Flinders Ranges - Large, acrylic

Waterfall Frogs - Mid-sized, acrylic

Greater Glider - Small, gouache

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Plovers Check Out Snipe (Jerrabomberra Wetlands) - Mid-sized, acrylic

Sooty Oyster Catchers - Mid-sized, acrylic

Magpie Spies a Spider - Mid-sized, oil

Yellow Robin - Small, acrylic

Glossy Ibis Nesting - Large, watercolour

Little Kingfisher - Small, watercolour

Ibis in the Shallows - Mid-sized, watercolour

King Parrots - Large, acrylic


(perimeter of artwork not exceeding 40 cm)

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Bavarian Church - Miniature, watercolour

City of Gondolas - Miniature, watercolour

Fresco - Miniature, watercolour

Bennu, the Heron Deity - Miniature, watercolour

The Dragon Arrives - Miniature, watercolour

The Bird Cage - Miniature, watercolour

Mt Fuji and Japanese Cranes - Miniature, watercolour

Santorini Close Up - Miniature, watercolour

A Matter of Apples - Miniature, watercolour

Gibralter Falls in Flood - Miniature, watercolour and gouache